Le projet Gifford

De la page de l’auteur de la BD que j’ai fait.
C’était un spinoff sur l’historique de l’un de ses personnage: Gifford Foss. J’ai beaucoup aimé faire cela

Gifford Foss – Reckless Hero: this is the cover image for a story which will run daily over the next four weeks. If you drop into Magellan via the Graphic Smash home page you’ll no doubt see it again on update days. The wonderful cover art is provided by Jean-François Poulin (JFP) who has also done the art for the 20 page story. JFP is a long time reader of Magellan who offered up his art skills to draw and colour a script I had written about Gifford Foss, one of the lesser known first year cadets at Magellan. To see Gifford in action check out pages 2.47-49 and 2.53.

Reckless Hero is an origin story for Gifford Foss, who is a Grorb goblin from the realm of Byronia. It will mostly be set on his homeworld and delve into how he came to be at Magellan Academy.

This story has been in the pipeline almost as long as Bad Karma and only delayed from interacting with your eyeballs due to the length of time it took for that story to finish its epic run. My gratitude to JFP for his patience in waiting so long for his work to be published. Originally I had intended to run ‘non-core’ stories on my Webcomics Nation account but when I saw JFP’s wonderful work on this story I knew I had to run it on Graphic Smash instead. And now that time is upon us…

I should also mention that this is JFP’s first tilt at an actual webcomic. As you’ll see from his website he’s a creative illustrator with a style that draws from European comics. Even so, he found creating sequential art from a script in a language he’s not 100% familiar with to be an interesting challenge – one which I think you’ll agree he rose to meet more than admirably. Feel free to drop him commnets via the comment thingy!

A HUGE THANK YOU to JFP for his work on this story. You’ll find it’s quite unlike anything you’ve seen on Magellan to date. Please enjoy…