Le projet Fatima



More vacation for you here are the note on the universe I had the pleasure to elaborate…

Hussein de Magellan Academy

Hussein de Magellan Academy

A guard armed with a very effective non energy weapon great for killing at short range. One drawback its a one shot deal, but these guards have more than just that weapon to thame the unwilling. They are the police of that underwater kingdom from of what I have heard.

These creatures are coming from a water word in the  another solar system. They come each year to carry commercial mission with the underwater kingdom of PherNos. They use to deal with the Atlantean but has continued to deal with the PherNian after the events. They even had some technological exchange on a non weapon basis..

Your stuff:

Fatima is a first year cadet at Magellan Justice Academy.
Abilities: Non-Sapien Terran (PherNian/cephelamaid); compared to her own people, Fatima has no abilities to speak of – however – compared to terrans she is considerably stronger, can breathe underwater and can swim at high speeds to great depths. She can telecommunicate telepathically as well as vocally. She has disobeyed a direct ruling from her Queen to become a cadet at Magellan – and her acceptance at the Academy has strained relations with the underwater queendom. It is anticipated by the Academic Council that this can be resolved to the benefit of all involved – allowing Fatima the opportunity to ultimately serve as a diplomatic liason between the dry and acquatic worlds. Fatima’s tentacles have a vice like grip and considerable strength allowing her to move over land with agility and ease. Strong wind and sun can dehydrate her. Severed tentacles will regrow within two months.
Official status: Probationary Super Agent Ranking 1 [cadet – no access to law enforcement investigations; limited and supervised access to emergency response operations].
Points of interest: PherNos is an ancient underwater queendom several hundred kilometers south west of Yemen. PherNians are the result of occult experiments conducted by the Mer of Atlantis some two thousand years ago – blending Arabian sailors with cephelapods (that’s octopi, m’kay?). The Mer – half human/half fish had sought to use the PherNians as slaves – an objective that was succesful for several centuries until the PherNians revolted, gained independance almost destroying the underwater Atlantean civilation in the process.PherNians have remained suspicious of surface dwellers and have kept the presence of PherNos well concealed until a renewed Altantean threat forced them to seek recognition from the UN. Fatima’s parents were killed in the hosilities with Atlantis before Force Magellan could negotiate a truce. PherNians can breath on land and underwater. They are also considerably more mobile than the Mer as their eight tentacles can support their weight (and then some).

Hussein 1

I am having some fun with the lighting of underwater.. And in theory after two hundred and some feets you not even supposed to have any light… I went to 220 and it was all purple… weird.

Phernian architecture is organic and grows from the bottom of the ocean, its a living city.
Each house and building is nurtured from a genetically modified plant to produce custom builing for the Phernian.

Some more architectural concept.. notice the water vents to produce power from water current. Full ecological man…

Below the cityscape you probably notice the boat in the background.. it sank a couple of year ago, for the Shernian it was litterally the sky fell on their head. It also evidently caused a diplomatic incident. Since then no boat can pass around any PherNian city for kilometer around.

Yep I also positionned the city on the verge of a deep trench one kilometer deep that we can see on the map below.

You remember these squid like vehicule, all coming from our space friends that exchanged this against precious metal found in the south indian sea. Very efficient fast power fusion driven also 🙂

Power generator on top of a building generating power from underwater current. Its reorient it self depending of current.

Yeah and this was the correction you made from my original drawing!! No I did not mind 😉

Carrier of heavy weight…